The Road to Timadorus ist paved with many cobbles. Each single one was broken from the living rock by a living person, and formed with much care and effort.

Timadorus is a project to build a playable Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game (MMORPG). Initiated as a project course of the department of computer science of the UAS Hamburg, currently the main focus lies on software development. MMORPGs represent a highly complex software systems and contain components that cover nearly every field in computer science (e.g. 3D real time graphics, networks, data bases, security, artificial intelligence, physics simulation and audio processing).

The complete source code of the project will be released under a Free Software/Open Source (FOSS) license. All components that are provided by other projects are exclusively released under FOSS licenses as well. Also, all media date (images, sounds, etc.) must be released under similar licenses as well, to be included in the project.

Unfortunately there are currently some resources that can not be released as FOSS yet, due to various licensing, copyright and academic process concerns. These are mostly student projects that are kept private due to various grading purposes. But the project has a strict policy of only accepting submissions that will become available for FOSS publishing, once the temporary privacy period is over.

For more information please see Goals and Aims of the project.